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Robby and Emma Eimers


Hero Story

Robby and Emma Eimers are two of the most dedicated youth volunteers in the state of Michigan. While some volunteers serve “at” a community, Robby and Emma serve “with” their community. Their continued years of helping the hungry of Detroit, and the formation of a nonprofit organization, is truly impressive. It’s clear the Eimers don’t serve to tally up hours or to have something on their resume; they do it because they sincerely want to help hungry and homeless friends.

Robby shares his passion and encourages others to serve to help communities. He has served as a role model for his sister Emma and helped her follow her passion in helping the animals of the homeless population. Emma noticed an unmet need in which many of their homeless friends had pets that also needed a healthy meal. Emma, who wants to be a veterinarian, started a division of the foundation called Furry Friends to help take care of homeless animals too.

These siblings have single-handedly saved families from foreclosure and helped save the lives of animals by paying for their surgeries and necessary medical attention. They adapted their service due to COVID-19 – since they were no longer able to serve food face to face, they have continued to collect and donate items to veterans and homeless shelters. When the pandemic began, Robby and Emma started a new project for families who could not visit their loved ones in nursing homes or hospitals. They purchased and delivered flowers to the loved ones of families who cannot afford it, relaying their messages of love and support.

They are true young heroes serving the residents of Michigan.

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