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Kathy Kane


Hero Story

Kathy Kane served as President of Trenton Rotary Club through the pandemic year of June 2020-May 2021. She was amazingly adaptive and created an engaged, positive, active, and giving club despite many changes needing to be made to keep all safe! Meetings went virtual and club activities were made safe and distanced. She had a most successful year and additionally, she ran a local newspaper, the Trenton Trib that covers positive local news. She also runs a marketing business, Market Insights, and is very involved with the Trenton Business Association and local Chamber of Commerce. Kathy is ALWAYS smiling and reaching out to others and is consistently kind and grateful. She is one of the many positive faces of Trenton and was a true hero during the pandemic, making sure ALL were safe, but allowing all to remain engaged. She is the person everyone would like to have in their town and as their friend…a most positive influence on Downriver life!

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