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Charles Jones-Parsons


Hero Story

AmeriCorps member Charles Jones-Parsons finds his motivation to serve from the people serving alongside him.

“When you have a good team of people out there, you are able to keep yourself motivated,” Charles said.

Charles started his service as an internship, but once he was offered a more full-time service opportunity, he knew he had to take it. Charles serves on the vaccination education project through the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Program in Detroit.

Charles goes door-to-door offering COVID-19 vaccination information to residents, providing them with resources they otherwise may not have known about. It is during the days that feel particularly long or discouraging that Charles looks to his fellow AmeriCorps members and finds encouragement and energy to continue.

Once Charles finishes his service, he plans to work inside a hospital, continuing to serve those in his community. His long-term goal is to obtain a position as a nurse’s assistant.

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